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  • NEW!

    Mochi Blender

    a multi-use cone shaped beauty blender
  • The Cream Brush

    a dual-ended cream blending brush
  • The Powder Brush

    a dual-ended powder blending brush
  • NEW!
  • NEW!

    The Tweeze

    a slanted, stainless steel tweezer to shape and groom your brows ​
  • Jelly Pouch

    the pouch for your most essential items
  • Sold Out

    Weekend Bag

    the bag that fits your full kit
    Strawberries and Cream
  • NEW!

    Travel Kit in Shortcake

    bring your beauty routine everywhere you go
  • Mini Sac

    the powder’s mini sac
  • Dolphin Pouch

    bring your essentials everywhere you go
  • NEW!

    Dumpling Pouch in Dune

    a drawstring makeup bag